What are the Characterizes of IHO Health Plans?

By | May 14, 2021

A standard health insurance package will cover the hospitalization costs as well as all associated expenditures. Many insurance plans, on the other hand, do not cover the costs of preventive, routine, or over-the-counter medical expenditures. The IHO health plan, or Indian Health Organisation Health Plan, aims to close this gap by providing outpatient medical practitioners with the resources of a large network at subsidized rates. Nationlearn addresses some features of IHO Health Plans.

1.Discounts and unrestricted access to partner networks for appointments, medications, wellness check-ups, and minor procedures, allowing you to save up to 20% on your family’s medical costs.

2.A free 90-day diet control program in which certified dieticians create personalized diet plans based on your health objectives.

3.Pharmacy advantages include coupons worth Rs. 500 to be used at any Apollo pharmacy to purchase free medicines.

4.Unlimited teleconsultation for up to four members of your family. Receive medical advice on any illness or chronic disease management from doctors trained to Swiss quality standards via video or phone.


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