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By | June 16, 2020

Gold has been the aid of Indian culture for more than thousands of years. We Indians tend to buy a lot of gold ornaments on the account of Weddings, Functions, Ceremonies, Festivals, etc. The Banks and lenders appreciate the value of gold that proves to be worthy because of its rareness in any form, as it is of genuine purity and weight.

Leverage Gold Against a Bank Loan

As the interest rates are low, if a person has some gold and he/she requires money, then that individual can go to the bank to get a loan with gold as a Collateral. Getting a loan is easier with gold kept as a security in the bank.

How does one can get the most of owning gold?

The most basic and effective way of getting capital is to buy low and sell high. First and foremost, you have to keep track of the movement of the gold price in your city. There’s very little possibility that the gold price will fall lower than your purchase price by an immense margin, and your gold will treasure over a few years and be a lot more expensive and valuable. So one should buy the gold when the price is low and don’t sell it for at least 2 to 3 years no matter what the price variations will be.

Advantages of Loan against Gold :

The higher the gold rate, the higher your loan amount will be, as your gold will be worth more than what you bought it for where all the gold transactions will be done on that rate, despite the gold rate it was on the date you bought it. Gold loans are most secured loans as its easier to get quickly disbursed by the banks with low Interest rates. It’s more straight forward & easier to pay back a loan at a more moderate rate of interest with a tenure of your choice.

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