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By | January 14, 2020
Nationlearns, Get Best Free Online Financial Advisory Portal helps you learn the benefits of opening a fixed deposit account. A fixed deposit is an easy and safe way to invest lump sum money.  If you hold a bank account, you can easily open a fixed deposit by visiting the nearest branch or also through Net Banking.
Let us look at the procedure to open a fixed deposit account online:
Step 1: 
Log into your Net Banking account.
Step 2:

You need to click the TRANSACT section and select Open Fixed Deposits.
Step 3:

You will have to select the branch, enter tenure and amount, appoint a nominee, click continue and then confirm. You have the option to instantly download the fixed deposit advice which is a receipt of your deposit.
How to open an FD if you don’t hold an account?

If you don’t hold a savings account and want to open an FD in a bank then you are required to submit documents like photo identity, address proof, etc and basically complete your KYC. You are supposed to submit these documents along with a filled up and signed application form.
Nationlearns, India’s Only On Phone In-App Free Financial Advisor advice you to open a fixed deposit account as it encourages savings habits for a longer period of time. It enables you to earn a high interest rate indirectly boosting economic development of the country.
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