How to Lower the Interest Rate on Your Used Car Loan??

By | May 11, 2021

Cars are essential to the modern lifestyle, providing greater mobility, protection, and the ability to drive on your own terms. As a result, India’s used car sales are on the rise, as it helps people to buy a car at a cheaper cost and with a lower depreciation rate. Furthermore, with a variety of car loan options, you can easily purchase a used car without depleting your savings. However, it is prudent to prepare ahead of time before taking out a loan. A lower interest rate is often preferable to ensure that your monthly budget is not strained. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your used car loan, Nationlearns has some helpful advice.

1.Check and maintain a strong credit score: Before applying for a loan, take a step back and review your credit history. A lender verifies your used car loan eligibility by reviewing your credit score before sanctioning the loan amount. Higher interest rates will result from a poor repayment history. A CIBIL score of 750 or higher, on the other hand, will get you great offers with lower interest rates. Knowing about your credit reports allows you to assess your financial situation. As a result, you can take steps to improve your CIBIL ranking, such as paying your current loan EMIs or credit card bills on time.

2.Choose the shortest loan repayment term based on your budget and repayment potential. Although a longer-term reduces your EMIs, you can pay a higher interest rate because the overall interest due grows over time. A shorter-term, on the other hand, results in higher EMI payments but a lower interest rate. As a result, selecting a shorter repayment duration is prudent.

3.Compare various lenders: Compare interest rates from different lenders and check for festive deals and schemes before deciding on a used car loan deal. You can now easily study loan items on the internet.


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